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What we ate in PRAGUE

what we ate in prague 1
Earlier this month Matt and I went to Prague and Berlin! I took what pictures I could with my temperamental camera, and this very short post will be the the first of a series from our hol (vlogs will be coming as soon as I have time to edit!)

First up: What we ate in Prague! (not in order)

Prague czech beer

We constantly stopped off at bars during our time in Prague for Czech beer and other delicious drinks you justify buying on holiday because it's a holiday and time for you to *Tom Haverford voice* treat yo' self

My mum told me I had to try honey cake (or Medovnik, as it's called in Czech) in Prague, which is the most popular cake over there. So when I spotted it on the menu I had to order it, obviously.

prague honey cake

You can't really go wrong with layers and layers of sponge sandwiched with caramel cream.

We had an incredibly satisfying smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel (classic combo) at Bohemia Bagel before spending the day at Prague Castle.

prague bohemia bagel

If you're spending some time at Prague Castle and are looking for a place to eat around that area, then definitely give this place a visit - it isn't as outrageously priced as some of the other restaurants/cafes near Charles Bridge.

I've been seriously missing Vietnamese food ever since coming back from my travels there. Prague has a fairly large Vietnamese community, and consequently has a number of Vietnamese restaurants. We went to Pho Vietnam Tuan & Lan on the doorstep of Jiřího z Poděbrad metro station. This branch was more of a takeaway place then an actual restaurant. We ordered a Pho Bo (for Matt: beef pho), Bun Bo Nam Bo (for myself: fried bbq beef, nuts, vegetable salad and vermicelli noodles), and to share: a spring roll and a meat skewer. 

The meat skewer was slightly disappointing, but the rest of it was very fresh and light - what I love so much about Vietnamese food. 

prague pho vietnam

Final place on this post is a burger place - Cafe Restaurant Palanda

prague cafe restaurant palanda

We luckily managed to grab the last table (note to self: make a reservation on a Friday night!). We were hopeful about this place because 1. The reviews on TripAdvisor were pretty positive, and 2. It was busy and busy restaurants = good sign (think I've mentioned this before. It's my golden rule).

prague cafe restaurant palanda

I ordered the halloumi vegetarian sandwich and Matt ordered the BBQ bacon cheeseburger.

prague cafe restaurant palanda halloumi vegetarian burger

My burger was enjoyable, not the best halloumi burger I've ever had in my life, but still yummy. Matt gave a thumbs up on his burger too. The chips were seasoned well and the coleslaw wasn't drenched in mayo (which I liked because I'm not a huge fan of excessive mayonnaise). I'd give it an overall rating of 7/10. 

So that concludes my very short post. We did spend 5 days in Prague, and ate things that aren't in the post. I didn't capture every single meal we had. Sometimes we were just too hungry to stop and take pictures, and instead devoured the food as soon as the plate touched the table.

Coming up next, what we did in Prague! 

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