Sunday, 4 October 2015

AnonymouS Bar / Prague

There were so many positive reviews for AnonymouS Bar, so we decided it may be worth going to. So glad we did, it is one of the coolest experiences at a bar I've ever had. 

Much like its secretive atmosphere, the bar isn't the easiest place to find. We couldn't see any signposts for it, but managed to find it in a little courtyard. 

AnonymouS Bar is a V for Vendetta themed bar. It made a refreshing change amongst all the 'traditional Czech pubs' near Old Town (which more or less are tourist traps). 

The bar is very dimly lit, so I couldn't take many good pictures of the interior. The venue is stylishly decorated, with plush sofas and familiar portrait paintings airbrushed with the famous Guy Fawkes mask lining the walls.   

One of the bartenders came over to our table and told us that we could order from the menu, or if we told him what flavours, spirits, and drinks we liked, then he'd be able to create something original for us. Then he flipped to the second page of the menu, where two blank pages stared at us. The bartender explained that this was the secret menu. We were told you had to order 'The Key' to unlock the secret menu. So obviously, we ordered it.

anonymous bar prague 2

We were delivered "The Key" in the form of a drink and a little UV flash light.

anonymous bar prague 3

anonymous bar prague 4

anonymous bar prague 1

anonymous bar prague 5

A whole list of 'hidden' cocktails were revealed with the key. I decided to order a cocktail on the secret menu - the Singapore Sling.

anonymous bar prague cocktail 1

Yep, it came in a volleyball. They really take their cocktail making and showmanship seriously at this place, so whenever we ordered a drink we'd anticipate its method of arrival. We wanted to order everything just to see how or what it came in.

One of the drinks came in a glass sphere, and another ("V's blood") dripping from a blood bag.

anonymous bar prague cocktail 2

The drinks are pretty strong so we only got 3 drinks each. But one I'd definitely recommend ordering is "Remember". As well as an exciting cocktail delivery display, you get a little memento to keep.

anonymous bar prague cocktail 3

I'd definitely recommend giving AnonymouS Bar a little visit if you plan on going to Prague. As I said before, it was so different to everything else we'd experienced in the city, and we still always talk about it now.

Remember, remember, the Fifth of November, the Gunpowder Treason and Plot. 
I know of no reason why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot.


  1. This place looks so cool! One of my best friends is from Prague too actually! Btw I love your blog design- how did you design it? xx

    1. You definitely need to pay this place if you're ever in Prague! Thank you - it's a template from


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