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What we did in PRAGUE

prague 1

Prague is a beautiful city. When we walked around, we would constantly be pointing buildings out to each other. We spent the first day just walking around Prague and getting to see the city at our own pace. 

I spent a lot of time on Google maps on this holiday. Shout out to Google maps for being a lifesaver.

what we did in prague 1

what we did in prague 2

what we did in prague 3

The amount of detail is so extraordinary. The buildings in the Jewish Quarter (one of the more affluent areas of Prague) were especially beautiful in design and colour. I couldn't decide which would be my dream house, they were all equally dreamy. I mean, just look:

what we did in prague 4

what we did in prague 5

what we did in prague 6

Somehow we managed to find our way at the Lennon Wall, which isn't signposted by the way - but it's very near the Charles Bridge on the Prague Castle side. 

lennon wall prague

My favourite thing about this vibrant wall is all the different languages scrawled along it. You can tell it's obviously touched a lot of people from different parts of the world, and the positivity was so infectious. 

prague lennon wall 2

prague lennon wall 3

On our second day we went on a free walking tour with Royal Walk Free Tour. Again, I would definitely recommend doing a walking tour just to get your bearings and learn more about the history of the city (Because as many promises I make to myself that I will read up about a place beforehand, it never happens). 

We started in one of the most populated areas: Old Town Square. It's always hustling and bustling with tourists and street performers (of very mixed ability, from our experience).

prague old town square 1

Prague Astronomical Clock is the main attraction in Old Town Square. We didn't get much of the hype when we first saw it wandering around the first day we were here. But once our tour guide pointed out that it was still in working condition and accurate 400 years later, it did make the clock a lot more impressive than initially thought. 

Prague astronomical clock 1

prague old town 2

Another extremely busy (see: touristy) place is the Charles Bridge. It connects Old Town to Prague Castle (which holds the title of the largest castle in the world). I'd recommend going at night to avoid the claustrophobia induced by persistent street sellers and throngs of tourists. 

prague charles bridge

charles bridge prague castle night

prague 2

Also: Prague is absolutely swarming with segways. 

prague 3

Case and point. (The building below is the Rudolfinum)

prague 5

(Now back to Prague Castle.) 

prague castle 1

On one of the days we decided to explore Prague Castle. We got discounted tickets using our student cards (*Top Tip* bring your student ID with you when travelling to get discounted fares for museums, transport, and other attractions), which entitled us entry into 4 places in Prague Castle: St. Vitus Cathedral, Basilica of Saint George, the Old Royal Palace, and Golden Lane. (For a higher price you can get a ticket that allows you entry to visit more places in Prague Castle.)

prague castle ticket

prague castle 4

st vitus cathedral 1

st vitus cathedral 2

I could spend all day staring at stained glass windows this pretty.

st vitus cathedral 3

st vitus cathedral 4

st vitus cathedral 5

Can we stop for a second to appreciate the amazing Gothic architecture?

st vitus cathedral 6

golden lane prague castle 1

golden lane prague castle 2

I didn't manage to capture everything we saw at Prague Castle because someone caused my camera to go flying out my hand. 

So that's it! Errr didn't realise that this post would be so picture-heavy (oops).

I had such a wonderful time in Prague - it was so so so nice to get away from work and England for a while, and Prague was a great place to do so. And whilst the city does have a somewhat westernised identity with its partying and bar crawls, and is overflowing with tacky tourist traps, it still manages to retain its history and character. There are some really cool little spots you can find in Prague (my next post is about one of the coolest bars I've ever been to).   


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