Monday, 24 August 2015

The Bristologist / Bristol

Yesterday the fam and I went for a Sunday Roast at the Bristologist.

Coined 'the best roast in Bristol' on their Twitter page, I was looking forward to testing this title.

We made sure to make reservations much earlier in the week because the tables get booked up very quickly, and I believe they only have a limited number of roasts to serve a day (when we attempted to order four servings of roast beef, we were told that they had ran out and only had 3 left. We were pretty much the only table there, so I guess you can pre-order on the phone?).

The food all came pretty quickly after we ordered which was great since I missed breakfast in preparation.

My gran ordered the braised pork belly:


Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Travelling Asia (Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam) VLOG

Finally finished editing my vlog *confetti horn emoji*. A few hiccups include: my camera breaking halfway through the trip rendering half my film unusable,  paired with my ridiculously shaky hand. Practice makes perfect though, right?


Sunday, 9 August 2015

Walking Amsterdam

Hello hello! Earlier this week, my friend and I went to Amsterdam for 3 days. We did a lot (no seriously though) of walking. Everyone told us to get bikes but we decided against it, as we'd have to constantly stop to check google maps and so it wouldn't be worth it.

I loved Amsterdam. All the lil' narrow houses were so quaint and there were so many cute cafes, restaurants and shops down the many streets. We were quite glad we were on foot for the hol as we could do so much exploring of the city. There are so many streets compacted in such a small area that we easily spent ages winding around Amsterdam.

(My camera is still away for repairs so I had to make do with my iPhone camera) 

bagel & beans amsterdam
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