Monday, 24 August 2015

The Bristologist / Bristol

Yesterday the fam and I went for a Sunday Roast at the Bristologist.

Coined 'the best roast in Bristol' on their Twitter page, I was looking forward to testing this title.

We made sure to make reservations much earlier in the week because the tables get booked up very quickly, and I believe they only have a limited number of roasts to serve a day (when we attempted to order four servings of roast beef, we were told that they had ran out and only had 3 left. We were pretty much the only table there, so I guess you can pre-order on the phone?).

The food all came pretty quickly after we ordered which was great since I missed breakfast in preparation.

My gran ordered the braised pork belly:

The pork was very tender, and hidden underneath, some veggies - a sweet potato cube, a rectangle of parsnip and carrot, and a couple of garlic roast potatoes. 

I went for the roast beef:

beef sunday roast the bristologist

Again, the meat was really tasty. Unfortunately you can't choose how your meat is cooked as it's sliced from the same cut of meat, but it wasn't over-done and chewy. Again, the same vegetables as the pork came with the beef.

There were also 2 plates of veggies to share between two people - a small bowl of cabbage and beans, and another of broccoli with a cheesy sauce.

Pros: Presentation was great (been watching too much Masterchef Australia), all the meat - tried some of the lamb and pork as well - was cooked well and really tasty, and the gravy was gooorgeous.

Cons: The Yorkshire pudding was a huge, huge disappointment - it tasted really bland and quite like cardboard, the veggies in the bowl were a tiny bit too greasy for me.

I was quite disappointed overall, having read the reviews online and knowing that they're always fully booked! Honestly, I didn't think it was worth the hype. Maybe the kitchen was having an off day, but I've definitely had better roasts before. I do want to go back to try their other food though, I had a peruse of the menu (does anyone else obsessively study the menus of a restaurant before they go? No?) and their dinner menu (especially the build your own mac and cheese section - yes please) looks good, as does their all you can eat Tuesday menu (unlimited tempura prawns and squid? Count me in). 

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