Thursday, 11 February 2016

What we ate in BERLIN

This is the last instalment of posts from my travels this summer. It's taken a while for me to get this up with uni/exams/mentally preparing myself for the life of a graduate (which is approaching at an alarmingly quick rate), but I managed to have a very productive blog day during a long day of travelling.

So onto the post - what we ate in Berlin! 

Men Men: We found this Japanese restaurant wandering around Neukölln on our first night.

men men berlin food 1

men men berlin food 2

Once we had ordered our food at the counter, we were given a device that would buzz when our food was ready for collection, and went to find our seats.

men men berlin food 3

men men berlin food shoyu ramen

Cafe Gong Gan: a small Korean restaurant, with the coolest interior - including a lego table

cafe gong gan berlin food 1

cafe gong gan lego table berlin food 2

cafe gong gan berlin food korean bibimbap 3

cafe gong gan berlin food shaved ice

Hans im Glück: a German burger chain. Again, amazing interior. Just look at how pretty it is inside:

hans im gluck berlin food 1

hans im gluck berlin food 2

hans im gluck berlin food 3

hans im gluck berlin food burger

hans im gluck berlin food drink

Golgatha: a biergarten (beer garden) in Kreuzberg. They also do food and everything was reasonably priced. The setting was so lovely although it was quite quiet when we went. 

golgatha biergarten berlin food 1

golgatha biergarten berlin food 2

Cafe Lucia: we stopped in this bar (again, the interior was gorgeous) for a few drinks.

cafe luzia berlin food drink 1

cafe luzia berlin food drink 2

We also went to Mustafa's Gemuese Kebab for the best kebab I've ever had in my life. The queue for this place was a bit ridiculous - we queued for about 35ish minutes, which a lot shorter compared to the 90 minute wait that some online reviews had waited for. I'm not sure if it's worth a 90 minute wait but it was very tasty. However I didn't get a picture as I was so hungry - by the time I had the kebab in hand, I ate it in about 14 seconds. 

But I did vlog about my time in Berlin, which you can watch HERE. (And the kebab does feature towards the end!)

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